The Halford Hewitt Cup was held from Thursday 8th September to Sunday 12th September 2021. The Old Gregorian Golfing Society were one of many societies that took part on the day.

Michael Liddell (B84) commented on the day: On Thursday 9th September the OGGS took part in the 2021 Halford Hewitt, which was postponed from its usual date in early April. The team lost to a strong Repton side. The following represented Downside: Andy Borg (B91), Christian Brown (S08), Chris Chignell (S83), Nick Holmes (S89), Chris Manfield (U85), Philip Purdon (B75), Mungo Sheehan (B18), James Stephens (S87), Simon Stephens (S89) and Mike Strickland (S72). 

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