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Downside’s GCSE curriculum in the Fourth and Fifth Forms (Years 10 & 11) is one that provides the academic rigor to allow for success in post-16 education. It bestows upon pupils the skills, experiences and work habits that are fundamental to success in a modern, competitive and globally connected world.

The GCSE curriculum has its foundation in academic subjects, but pupils have a host of opportunities to build on this through joining academic societies, taking part in co-curricular activities and making the most of the impressive pool of talent that are our subject specialist teachers, both within and outside of lessons.

Through the experience of all that School life has to offer, pupils will heighten their academic curiosity and will become motivated to enhance their own learning.

During the Fourth and Fifth Forms, we aim for pupils’ own ideas about possible future careers to germinate and grow through the use of an embedded careers programme. This helps pupils to gain a clear pathway to higher and further education and will give them added motivation to strive for success and to make the most of their individual gifts in whichever fields these lie.

Pupils will choose an enjoyable and intrinsically interesting mixture of subjects that will give them a grounding in key academic areas and enable them to continue on their educational journey with the confidence and knowledge that comes from a high quality and rounded education.

GCSE Choices

Computer Science Geography Music
Design (DT) German PE (Sports) GCSE
Drama History Spanish
French Latin

Head of Fourth & Fifth Form

If you have any questions about GCSEs at Downside,
please contact Mr Simper

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