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The History of Art course covers painting, sculpture, and architecture of world civilisations from 500 BC to the present day.

The curriculum explores themes such as conflict and the environment, as well as detailed historic study of significant eras in the history of art, for example the emergence of Realism and the Impressionist movement following the 1848 Revolution. The course offers opportunity for contact with artworks through educational visits, at home and abroad. The scope of learning affords development of a range of skills including the collation and synthesis of information, constructing and substantiating arguments, and enhancing visual analytical and evaluative abilities.

An A level in History of Art is beneficial to students interested in the Humanities or the practical Arts. The department has an excellent progression record with a high percentage of students continuing with the subject at degree level. Student progression to Higher Education is also shaped as a result of developed interest in the various facets of the discipline such as History and Cultural Studies, or in visual culture, aiding career paths towards designer, photographer, or architect among others.

History of Art offers access to an understanding and appreciation of the culture that shapes our social and political identities. It will provide critical and contextual knowledge that will engender a lifelong passion for art consumption.

Head of History of Art


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