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Whether you are planning to go straight into the world of work or to continue your education, in the UK or abroad, or combining both options with a Degree Apprenticeship, the Sixth Form at Downside will ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to take that next step.

CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)

Your child will be given support and guidance to consider their future career throughout their time at Downside, from First Form to Upper Sixth. With a designated Head of Careers on staff, as well as impartial guidance from an independent CEIAG provider, FutureSmart Careers Ltd, all Downside pupils have access to professional careers advice. Careers now form part of the curriculum for every year group, helping pupils to make informed choices at key stages in their education, most especially when choosing GCSE and A levels, and, of course, concerning their options upon leaving the School.

Your son or daughter will be introduced to the Old Gregorian (OG) network, the Downside alumni. OGs are truly international, working in a wide variety of careers and are very supportive of our pupils and young graduates. We are always looking to grow our network of contacts, and if you would like to contribute to our careers programme, please do get in touch.

Applying to study abroad

Every year a good number of Downside pupils apply for a university place abroad, with the US, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy all being popular destinations. Unifrog has excellent resources to help pupils navigate the various options available, and the Sixth Form Tutor team and the Head of Sixth Form work closely with pupils to help them with international applications.

Other pathways…

University is not for everyone, and there are several other choices. During their Sixth Form years, pupils receive information and guidance about apprenticeships, including degree apprenticeships, gap years and direct entry into the workplace.

Mr Richard Rawlins, Head of Sixth Form

Mr Oliver Simper, Head of Careers

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