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Roberts is one of the three senior boys Houses. Fourth Form boys (Year 10) share a modern and comfortable dormitory, Fifth and Sixth Form boys (Years 11, 12 and 13) have their own study bedrooms.

Roberts House is named after St John Roberts, a member of the community now at Downside, who was martyred in 1610.

House Colours: Red & White

Roberts House is characterised by a culture of looking after one another and encouraging each other to grow into responsible, honourable and considerate young men. The earnest and ambitious pupils, together with the approachable and cordial house staff, create an environment in which camaraderie is palpable. We appreciate the importance of harmony in our community and recognise that the boarding house is home for the members of Roberts. Accordingly, everyone treats the House and each other with respect and compassion, embodying the Benedictine value of concern for the individual to enable our pupils to thrive.

What the pupils think

“For me, Roberts is special as I have my own space; something I have not had for a long time. What I find quite distinct about the house is the atmosphere that is felt in Roberts, which I makes it very homely.” Alex, 4F

“It would be incredibly difficult to simply in simple terms Roberts House, but I will try: Home, Roberts is my Home. It is my Home, as my new family lives there, my Roberts family, and imagine I will spend the best moments of my life here, with my family.” Jaime, 5F

“Roberts is a lovely house where I feel very welcomed and belonged. Roberts boys are also very passionate and encouraging; contributing to many curricular and co-curricular events. Same for the teachers, who are very friendly and supportive; making significant efforts to make our house a better place to live in — a house that belongs to both the pupils and the staffs; a place that is just as sweet and comfy as our homes. I especially like how pupils of different years very closely in Roberts, allowing pupils of different year groups to get along really well. I am very proud of my house and have no regrets joining.” Alberto, L6

“The experience in Roberts is not easy to sum up in a few words. However, I would say community and camaraderie best sums it up. I had a lot of fun going to house music and sports day with the whole House. Even though each House is competitive in their own ways, Roberts boys often let loose and cherish every moment we have among ourselves.” Ormond, L6

“What I really like about Roberts is the sense of community we have, particularly when it comes to helping out each other. The house staff are very friendly and are always there to help us.” Jason, U6

“I have been in Roberts for 4 years and this House has become a second home to me due to the relationships I have made with pupils from all years and with the House staff who are always on my side and help me even when I mess up. What I love about Roberts is how pupils from different years are so integrated and there is a strong sense of community especially around holidays like Christmas where the whole house splits into different teams and we compete in a variety of games.” Archie, U6

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