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Downside is, and always has been, so much more than simply a place of education. When pupils leave Downside, they become Old Gregorians (OGs), a badge of honour worn with pride throughout the world.

The OG network is as a truly vibrant and active group. The values learned at Downside of welcome, concern for the individual, building community, listening and humility, characterise an Old Gregorian. They are the ones most likely to raise money for charity or do the washing-up after a party.  

We organise reunions world-wide, as well as keeping in regular contact with OGs via newsletters, magazines and social media. Getting on the career ladder or taking that next step in your professional development can be a daunting prospect and we try hard to facilitate professional networking for all our members. This provides a much broader network of support and experience than would otherwise be possible alone. 

A career seminar is held annually for current pupils at Downside, giving OGs an opportunity to speak to Sixth Form pupils about various career options, pathways to get them there, and likely pitfalls on the way. As pupils move on to university and feel clearer about the direction they are likely to take, OGs offer mentorship, provide work experience or even just have an informal chat. Downside also arranges OG professional networking events, usually in London. The opportunity to share ideas and build relationships with people who live by the same code of conduct, can be very valuable in so many ways in today’s turbulent and fractured world. They are also a great opportunity to chat over their old school days and reminisce about their memories of Downside. 

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Downside is unique in how it provides an enriched education, fundamentally developing its pupils as well-rounded individuals. Even now, while working in London, I still use and think about the specific skills and core Benedictine values that I learned while at Downside.
Charlie Harbord (R12) – Old Gregorian
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