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Changing schools at any stage is an exciting time but, as we are all aware, can be daunting too. At Downside, we provide a warm welcome to all of our new pupils and parents which means the transition from their current school to Downside is as smooth and as rewarding as possible.

First Form (Year 7) or Second Form (Year 8) entry will provide your son or daughter with the opportunity to develop their intellectual curiosity through the breadth and depth of the academic curriculum available. Assigned to a dedicated tutor, pupils are not only supported in their academic studies, but also in their sports and in our vast array of co-curricular activities on offer which take place on the School’s 500-acre campus.

Third Form (Year 9) entry is a time when we welcome our largest number of pupils to the School from a variety of Prep Schools from around the country or indeed from overseas. It is a time for preparation, development and exploration prior to the two-year GCSE course that starts in the Fourth Form (Year 10).

We see the School’s role as much more than simply preparing pupils to win places at good Universities (although we do plenty of this too!). We are instilling standards for life – giving young people the qualities of character they need to become inspiring leaders, trusted employees and valued friends within the greater community.

I do hope you enjoy reading our booklet about First to Third Form life at Downside, and I look forward to welcoming you and your family to see first-hand everything Downside has to offer your son or daughter.

Head of First to Third Forms

If you have any questions about the First to Third Form curriculum at Downside,
please contact Mrs Iglesias

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