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Isabella is a boarding and day house for girls aged 11 to 18.

It is named after Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain and Portugal who gave permission for the establishment of the English Benedictine community of St Gregory’s, Douai, in 1606, and promised it protection.

House Colours: Blue & Yellow

Isabella House embodies Benedictine values in everything that it does. It is a caring and supportive community, where everyone looks after each other and contributes to making positive relationships and bonds across the year groups, ages and nationalities. It is a close-knit community made up of girls of all ages and nationalities, but everyone is respected and celebrated for their own uniqueness. Kindness, support and humility are at the heart of everything thing that we do as a house.

Why the children love Isabella House so much:

The house is bright and spacious and we all appreciate that it is separate from the main school (even when it is raining!).

The House kitchen – we have the best food and have amazing feasts and celebrations such as birthdays, Chinese New Year, St David’s Day, or just because we need cheering up.

The Isabella House team/staff who always look after us so well.

Our “House at Home” annual fete is the most fun event in the year, and we enjoy organising it and then seeing everyone enjoy the day so much.

We are encouraged and supported to be the best that we can be in everything from academic work, sports, drama, public speaking etc.

There are lots of opportunities and events organised to bond across the year groups.

We are encouraged and supported to have high standards in everything from our appearance to our work, which helps us to be the best we can now and for the future.

We feel we will always be a part of Isabella and love to see the connection when old girls come back to visit.

What makes ISABELLA distinct?

It is separate from the main school. This means you can “leave school” and “go home” at the end of the day.

We have the best parties, that everyone wants to attend!

It is an incredibly welcoming house.   No matter who you are, you are always made to feel welcome in Isabella.

House spirit… Isabella girls are Isabella girls to the core. If Isabella does anything, they do it to the best of their ability.

Community, community and community.

It is a house that is kind and caring, there is always someone there to cheer you up, look after you and help you if you need it.

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