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The vision

To provide one fully funded transformational bursary place in all seven Forms, facilitated through the 1814 Society, each year.

Imagine the impact you could make by joining the 1814 Society today, knowing that when you retire, your monthly donation has facilitated a child’s access to a Downside education. Only together, can this ambitious goal be achieved.

If 140 people generously donate £18.14 per month, with Gift Aid, one fully funded bursary place can be offered.

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The impact of your generosity

It is difficult to quantify the impact your donation has on a pupil during their time at Downside and into their future. Only the recipients themselves can offer an insight into the life-changing journey you have helped facilitate.

“I’ve been thinking about where I would be now if I hadn’t come to Downside. We prayed so hard for me to come here, but Mum and Dad reminded me that it was God’s will. So, we thank God for Downside offering the scholarship and bursary… Downside has given me the opportunities and extra tuition to take my abilities to a whole new level.”

Bursary Recipient

Join the 1814 Society Now

Become an 1814 Society Member

It is easy to become an 1814 Society Member with various levels available, ensuring the Society is accessible to all. Beginning with Associate Members at just £18.14 per month, as little as the cost of one coffee per week, through to Father Laurence Patrons, who provide full sponsorship for a Sixth Form pupil.

Join the 1814 Society today, to begin your Membership and contribute to a child’s future.

Membership Level Monthly Donation Total Annual Donation with Gift Aid Higher Rate Tax-Payer Reclaim Actual Cost to Donor Benefits
1814 Associate  £18.14  £272.10  £54.42  £163.26 You will have a significant impact on the life of a talented young child
• Handmade bespoke Membership pin
• Invitation to 1814 Society Annual Event
• Annual Membership Certificate
• Exclusive annual 1814 Society update
1814 Patron  £ 181.40  £ 2,721.00  £ 544.20 £1,632.60
1814 Benefactor  £1,814.00  £27,210.00  £5,442.00  £16,326.00 As above plus
• Five-year Honorary Membership
• Exclusive Conversation with the Head/Chair of Governors
Father Laurence Patron
(Sixth Form Place – 2yr Commitment)
 £2,500.00 £37,500.00 £7,500.00 £22,500.00 As above plus

• You will have a direct and significant impact on the life of a talented young child during the Sixth Form
• Exclusive Dinner with the Head/Chair of Governors

If you would like to discuss your Membership options, contact Jess Newman, Director of Development.

Projects and Funds

Alongside regular donations to the Father Laurence Bursary Fund through the 1814 Society, you may prefer to support alternative projects or funds, such as the Historic Restoration Fund, the Sill Organ Scholarship or provide unrestricted funds to use as necessary.

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