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Physics is simply the study of everything, including the world around us and the universe, and how everything interacts. The scale of the subject is mind blowing: from sub-atomic particles which may or may not actually be there, interacting in less than a billionth of a second; to the study of quasars, billions of light years away; and everything else in between. We look to answer mundane questions you have probably never even considered, such as “Why do I push backwards if I want to walk forwards?” Why, closely followed by how, are the two most important words to a physicist. Questioning and challenging the status quo is encouraged, otherwise how can we move our models forward?

Pupils are supported throughout their physics studies by interesting and challenging teaching, incorporating a rich practical programme. We also run numerous support sessions, where students are helped to catch up on missed lessons, obtain advice on prep, work on personal projects and competitions, or just have a physics-related chat.

In the 2F (Year 8) we cover a broad range of topics (including space, optics and circuits) to prepare students for their GCSE work in the 3F–5F (Years 9-11).

We follow the Pearson Edexcel specification for this, leading to the students’ first public examinations at the end of the 5F (Year 11). In the Sixth Form, we follow the AQA A Level, where the students have numerous optional subjects ranging from Astrophysics and Medical Physics to Engineering Physics or looking at the experiments that became the “Turning points” for Physics to enter the modern age. Physics is a popular A level subject, and we generally have two groups studying the subject in each of the two years.

We regard the curriculum as a spring-board for exploring all fields of physics, which we encourage through a broad range of co-curricular activities. A particular highlight is the annual visit to the hadron collider in Cern. Students are also regularly entered for competitions.

Head of Physics

The study of physics is also an adventure. You will find it challenging, sometimes frustrating, occasionally painful, and often richly rewarding.
Hugh D. Young
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