About St Gregory’s Society

Below is a list of key contacts at the council of St Gregory’s Society.

Rupert Orchard (R74) 

Hon Treasurer 
Ben Jennings (R05)

Stephen Stokes (C 78)
Ed Westlake (S05)
Cosima Benson-Colpi (C12)
Jamie Francis-Jones (B84)
Michael Liddell (B84)
John Ludlow (C82)
Fiona Cadwallader (B78)
Peter-Paul Brenninkmeijer (S11)


Mary Jane Platt (Ra 76)
Mark Steed (C 71)
Jake Francis-Jones (B 55)
Geoffrey Jaques (B 59)
Peter Molony (B 55)
Gerald Moriarty, QC (R 46)
Ian Norrington (B 54)
Robert Prendergast (S 59)
John Scanlan (S 54)

Simon Westlake (S81) 

Dom Leo Maidlow Davis (B 72)


Honorary Vice-Presidents 
Mike Flynn (U 75) – USA (West) 

John Churchill (B 84) – USA (East)
Gaizka Ortuzar (S 53) – Spain

Vincent Barrett (Ra 87) – Ireland

Contact Us

The office at Downside is run by Jane Vines and Sarah Kerr.

Telephone 01761 235158
Email oldgregorians@downside.co.uk

Please click here to download a PDF of the full Rules of St Gregory’s Society.