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Head Mr A Hobbs
PA to the Head Mrs K Walker
Deputy Head Mr M P Randall
School Administrator


Mrs L Cray
Senior Leadership Team
Bursar  Mr D Boswell
Director of Pastoral Care Mrs C J Murphy
Head of Nursing, Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs M Pye
Director of Admissions, Marketing & Commercial Enterprises Mrs I Hartnell
Director of Human Resources  Mrs C Parr
Director of Development Mrs J Newman
Academic Leadership Team
Head of Teaching, Learning and Innovation  Mr P Rigby
Head of First to Third Form Mrs B Iglesias
Head of Fourth and Fifth Form Mr O Simper
Head of Sixth Form


Mr R Rawlins
Acting Director of Performing Arts Mr G Bevan
Director of Sport Mr R Jones
Director of the Wider Curriculum Mr S Potter
Heads of Faculties and Departments 
Head of English Mr A O’Sullivan 
Head of Mathematics Dr J Tapia Amador
Head of Languages Mr R Rawlins
Head of Science  Mr P Rigby
Head of Humanities      Mr O Simper
Head of Art & Design      Mr N Barrett
Head of Art Mrs E Williams
Head of Theology Mr H Walters
Head of History  Mr J Huckle
Head of Geography  Mr O Simper
Head of Economics and Business Studies
Mrs J Eckford
Head of Classics  Dr R Valente
Head of Biology  Mr S Barrett
Head of Chemistry  Mr P Hunt
Head of Physics  Mr P Rigby
Head of Computer Science & ESafety Mr I Ramsden
Head of Academic PE Mr B Edge
Head of Drama        Ms A McGarry
Head of History of Art Dr R Sanders
Head of Psychology Mrs A Willoughby
Head of Outdoor Education Mr D Pollard
Head of English as an Additional Language Mrs A Maistrello
Head of Learning Support Mrs C Storey
House Master of Barlow Mr S Potter
House Mistress of Caverel Ms A McGarry
House Mistress of Isabella Ms A Ball
House Master of Powell
Mr A Hamilton
House Master of Roberts Mr J Freeman
House Master of Smythe
Mr D Pollard
School Priest Chaplain Fr M Patey
Lay Chaplain Mr P Andrewartha
Head of Nursing, Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms M Pye
Examinations Officer Mrs C Dietrich


Senior Leadership Team

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