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We are a Catholic and Benedictine School. We welcome pupils of all faiths and none to reflect on their spirituality and to develop their life of faith. The Chaplaincy is at the centre of the School’s life, working closely with the Head, the House Masters and Mistresses for the good of all – pupils and staff. In its work, the Chaplaincy keeps very much in mind the School’s vision which is:

“Downside’s vision, as a Catholic and Benedictine school with Christ at its centre, is to be a bright light in education and to inspire service in our world.”

The School aims to guide pupils and staff to encounter Christ through experience of a Benedictine community of faith; to be uncompromising in the pursuit of academic excellence; to foster a culture of unselfish love, integrity, humility and leadership through service; and to develop the character and confidence of young people through sport and extra-curricular opportunities.

Prayer and Liturgy Policy 

"I have always appreciated that I can openly speak about my faith within our Downside community. I feel comfortable and safe to express myself without being judged for my beliefs. From my perspective the chaplaincy is at the heart of our school, where the Benedictine values are expressed through the work of the Lectio groups which unify and strengthen our community. I love to regularly partake and often find myself feeling at peace after the whole school liturgies as well as the smaller, closely knit, optional masses."
Maria, Sixth Form Pupil
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