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Parent – Sally

Our youngest son has just joined the First Form and is not only loving it but thriving too. Downside put on fantastic extra curricular activities for the children, provide lots of sporting opportunities including matches against other schools and academically proving a hit with both him and us. We feel reassured that our three boys are very happy at Downside and continue to develop strong principles whilst flourishing academically and on the sports pitches thanks to a caring and dedicated staff – Thank you.

Parent – Mr Jennings

I have always felt that Downside would be an environment where Bryn would thrive – when we first met, I could really envisage him here, developing as an individual and being appreciated for who he is and of course, I very much hoped that he would embrace the last couple of years of school life!

Parent – Mr Z 

Sophia has learned a lot at Downside and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience with you. She has made many new good friends and tells us that this is the happiest time of her life. Learning was very challenging compared to what has been expected from her in Germany so far. However, the learning conditions provided by Downside (the commitment of the teachers, learning material, etc.) are outstanding and have contributed to the fact that she has (so far) mastered everything well. We would therefore like to thank you personally and all your staff for the help and support which you have given Sophia over the last year.

Parent – Vicki

I have two children at the school. My daughter is in Year 10 and my son Year 12. My third and eldest child recently left Downside after completing Year 13. I would describe the school as- a welcoming community, supporting academic success and providing a rounded education.

Important things about the school from your child’s/your perspective?

The friendships they have made. The kind, supportive teachers. The environment the school has provided to grow into a young adult and explore their individual interests. The school has always felt welcoming and personal. The staff take the time to know and care for all the pupils and ensure the children are happy and thriving at all times. The school offers a huge variety of facilities so children can excel in extra curricular activities – from sports, music, drama, art. My children achieved excellent GCSE and A Level results, I am extremely impressed with the teaching at Downside. The community feel is an outstanding feature of Downside and I am certain my children will keep close ties with the school even after they have left. There are lots of lovely schools in our local area but I’m absolutely delighted that we chose Downside for all of our children.

Pupil – Aristo

Having been at Downside for almost three years, I can confidently say that the most amazing aspects of this school are the variety of opportunities and our close community. Through a wide range of extra curricular activities and events, Downside has given me the chance to develop, master and share my knowledge. In my case, I have taken an interest to debating and public speaking. I have participated in interschool competitions such as Model United Nations and Oxford Schools Debating. Being part of these events has allowed me to be more confident and thus I highly recommend them.

Besides academic passions, Downside also lets pupils pursue sports and music. As a rugby player, this is where the comfort of our community lies. Whether it is strong leadership and commitment displayed, or kind reassurance and guidance by peers, it is ensured that no one is left out. Ultimately, these pursuits have taught us responsibility and humility, which I will carry on with me even after leaving this school.

Pupil – Maya

Life in the sixth form has served as an amazing opportunity for me to really excel in what I like most. The range of possibilities are so diverse and can cater specifically to each pupil. We are given the chance to find out what suits us and explore these options further. For example, I am a keen debater and being part of the sixth form has allowed me to pursue this and develop my skills. As well as this, the competitive sports downside offers has taught me the meaning of teamwork and discipline. Downside always strives to be competitive whilst maintaining that key element of sportsmanship. Furthermore, the aid I am offered by my teachers has really helped me excel in my learning. I am currently studying A level RS, physics, and maths, and although these are challenging subjects, with my teachers’ extra help I grow in confidence. Being a part of the school as an upper sixth student has given me the opportunity to take on responsibility and taught me the values of being a good leader.

Pupil – Dylan

Downside has given me a lot of opportunities within the co-curricular programme, I have taken part in many extraordinary events like the Bath Remembrance Parade. As an overseas pupil I was immediately welcomed into Powell House, and the year I spent in Year 9 really helped me integrate into my GCSE course. The teachers also provide great support whether it’s academic or extracurricular. Additional academic support and activities are greatly encouraged in free time.

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