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Speaker Date Topic
Ben Smith – social entrepreneur, mental health charity founder, award winning global adventurer, fundraiser & author 20/09/2023 The 401 Challenge – From attempting suicide twice to running 401 marathons in 401 days
Stephanie Windeler 11/10/2023 A Career in Journalism – from Downside to Fleet Street.
Iain Mahony 08/11/2023 A Slow Crash – A personal account of addiction from a very relatable perspective
Kathryn Burn 29/11/2023 Entrepreneurship – Founder of Pyjamily and Finalist on BBC’s “The Apprentice”
Brigadier Paul Hayhurst 24/01/2024 A life in the army – Defence Advisor, British High Commission, Pakistan
Dr Charlie Easmon 31/01/2024 History of Prejudice
Tabitha Owers 07/02/2024 The work of OMV
Commander Dominic Murphy 06/03/2024 Counter Terrorism
James Heappey MP 15/03/2024 A life in Cabinet – MP for Wells
George Enever 24/04/2024 University sponsorship by KPMG. Moving up the Football referee ladder.
James Betts 01/05/2024 Sports nutrition and health – University of Bath professor
Ava Scott 15/05/2024 Artificial Intelligence – force for good or plain evil?

Speaker Date Topic
Camille Wallen,
Director of Strategy -the HALO Trust
21/09/2022 De-mining conflict zones and working in global development and NGO’s
Dr Dominique Thompson, GP and Child
Mental Health Expert
12/10/2022 Staying well in an uncertain world: Wellbeing skills for life and managing exam stress
Jamie Barrow, Professional Snowboarder 08/11/2022 Becoming the world’s fastest Snowboarder
Royal Navy Lt Cmdr 30/11/2022 A personal insight into the war in Ukraine, former UK Military Liaison and XO of International Lethal Aid Donor Cell
Mateusz Kaputska, OG
Undergraduate Student
18/01/2023 Getting the most from university & putting a satellite into space
Sam Hume, BBC Producer/Director 01/02/2023 A Career in Wildlife TV & Film – personal account of working with Sir David Attenborough and the BBC through to Apple TV’s “Tiny Worlds”
Stephanie Innes-Smith, Ultra endurance athlete, Lawyer, Teacher & Army Reservist 01/03/2023 Inspire22 South Pole Expedition – a personal account of the joint civilain & military scientific research expedition looking at human metabolism in the extremes
Joanna Doliwa, OG
Undergraduate Student
22/03/2023 Neuroscience – an undergraduate perspective
Cllr Tessa Munt,  former MP 03/05/2023 UK Politics in 2023 – Local and National Government
Shaun Attwood 07/06/2023 Hard Times – The realities of  making the wrong life choices, life in prison and its impact on those around you

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