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The Learning Support Department, the Fäsenfeld, is situated in the heart of the school and offers specialist 1:1 teaching for pupils who need support with literacy, numeracy, and study skills. Often a student will be required to opt for one fewer subject in order for these lessons to be scheduled within the timetable.

Pupils joining the school all undertake the EXACT screening assessment and baseline assessments to learn more about their learning profile and skills. If pupils joining the school have a history of learning differences, we would request that we are sent reports for any assessment that has been done. The Head of Learning Support will share relevant information with staff, together with suggestions of strategies that can be used to support pupils to become more effective and independent learners. Individual departments offer ‘subject clinics’ during the week to which all pupils are welcome to drop in if they need some subject support.


One of the roles of the Head of Learning Support is to organise appropriate access arrangements for students with learning needs, in line with the regulations of the Joint Council for Qualifications and Cambridge International Education. The Joint Council for Qualifications prefer assessments to be carried out internally. Parents are therefore advised not to commission private assessments without consultation with the Head of Learning Support. If a pupil has previously had arrangements in examinations in a different school, fresh assessment may be necessary.

Exam Access Arrangements can only be granted on the basis of ongoing, substantial and established need. The deadline for raising concerns is the penultimate week of the Michaelmas Term in the academic year in which a candidate is sitting public examinations. Assessment after this date will only be undertaken in exceptional circumstances.

Head of Learning Support

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