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The Humanities Faculty is diverse and unique; it encompasses both Sciences and Arts.

In the Humanities, Downside offers Geography, History, Economics, History of Art and Psychology at GCSE and A Level, and a BTEC course in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. These subjects are highly relevant to the modern world and are often considered essential to many professions. Humanities have been, and continue to be, very strong at Downside. The Faculty prides itself in having committed and highly qualified staff, and pupils excel in their chosen subjects throughout their time in the School.   

The Faculty boasts excellent examination results with the History department gaining some of the best results in the School over recent years. Geography has become a very popular subject with the majority of the Third Form opting to continue the subject to GCSE, which mirrors the national picture; the numbers of pupils studying the subject to A Level is very healthy. Downside has bucked the national trend and continues to offer History of Art, a popular option, with the subject being led by Dr Rachel Saunders, a university lecturer. The Faculty also offers Psychology, a science-based subject where students learn about the procedures of different research methods and also how to analyse famous pieces of psychological research. Psychology is an increasingly popular subject nationally and, at Downside, some pupils now go on to study Clinical Psychology at university. Downside also boasts excellent results in Economics, and a growing number of pupils take the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BTEC which complements other BTECS and A Levels offered at Downside.

The Humanities Faculty can also claim much success in sending pupils on to further education, and often to some of the best universities including Oxbridge and the Ivy League universities in the USA. The Faculty fosters a love of learning through a varied Academic Enrichment Programme. This includes visiting speakers, university visits and a range of subject specific field trips.

Head of Humanities

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