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Making a bequest to Downside in your Will is one of the greatest and most meaningful ways to leave a lasting testimony of your affection for the School, whilst impacting the lives of future Old Gregorians.

The uncertainty of potential costs for you and your loved ones can make it difficult to offer a significant gift during your lifetime, however, the gift of a bequest offers flexibility and choice in how your legacy lives on.

There are four main types of legacy, which your solicitor can advise on which would be the best for you. Your legacy could be:

  • Pecuniary Legacy – a specific amount of money.
  • Specific Legacy – leaving a specific item such as property, stocks and shares, jewellery.
  • Residuary Legacy – a fixed sum or a percentage of your residual estate.
  • Reversionary Legacy – which passes to Downside after the death of any dependents.

The Petre Society was established to thank and acknowledge all who have so generously chosen to recognise Downside in their Will, with even the smallest pledge making an enormous difference in providing a Downside education and all it can offer.

In addition to offering the gift of education, there are tax benefits to leaving a legacy gift to a registered charity such as Downside School (1184700), with the advantage of reducing the tax burden on your family while maximising the benefit of the gift to the School.

All bequests to Downside are exempt from Inheritance Tax and legacies of 10% or more of your estate also reduce your tax liability on your whole estate from 40% to 36%. More detailed information is available from the HMRC website.

Tax Liability With 10% Charitable Bequest
Gross Estate £500,000 £500,000
Less Nil Rate Band (325,000) (£325,000)
Net Estate £175,000 £175,000
Charitable Donation Nil £17,500
Taxable Estate £175,000 £157,500
Inheritance Tax £70,000 @40% £56,700 @36%
Estate Available for Distribution £430,000 £425,800

Members of the Society are invited to Downside each year for a special Mass and lunch, where we can thank all Members in person for their continued support of the School.

If you have any questions about how to leave a legacy to Downside, or have already remembered Downside in your Will, we would love to hear from you. Please email Jess Newman, Director of Development, or call 01761 235194.

Downside is and always has been so much more than just a place of education. A legacy is a perfect way to say thank you for the past and good luck for the future.
A Petre Society member

Petre Society Members

Philip Allott (C54)
Martin T Appleby RIP (S50)
Charles M Atchley (B58)
Stanley E Ball (R58)
David F Barnett (C55)
Eddy Body
Patrick M Branigan (R58)
Michael Callender (C56)
John Carter (C63)
Robert Cattell (S62)
David Clark (S68)
Augustine Clark
Tim Coghlan (U65)
Brian Donovan RIP (C53)
Michael FitzGerald (S54)
Hans Fleischner RIP (C45)
Sean Fox-Slater (R71)
Robert F Gibbons (B54)
Mr & Mrs Gore
Anthony J Greenwood (U79)
Christopher Grievson (Ra62)
William Griffiths (S71)
Edward Hallinan (R55)
George Harby (R58)
Mr & Mrs Harwood
Mark Heath (R62)
Tom Heath (R68)
Sean Hughes (S59)
Edward Hutton (B70)
John Jackson (R61)
Oliver Jefferson (R72)
Ian Jessiman (R49)
Edwin Kemp (R63)
Michael Kennedy (S55)
Mervyn Langran (B49)
David Lawrence (R54)
Michael Leeming (C74)
John Ludlow (C82)
Michael MacKenzie (B55)
Nicholas Mander (S67)
Byard McHugh RIP (B55)
James Midwood (C47)
David Morgan RIP (R60)
Ian Norrington (B54)
John Nye
Rupert Orchard (R74)
Martin Powys-Lybbe (B57)
Edward Pryce (S57)
John Scanlan (S54)
Aylward Shorter (B50)
Nigel Sill (S65)
Mark Steed (C71)
Michael Stokes (B54)
Thomas Sutcliffe RIP
Christopher Tanfield
Chris von Patzelt (S66)
John Webb (U60)
Daphne Westlake
Michael Weston-Burt (R59)
Charles Wilcox (S81)
Charles Wiles (C66)
Elizabeth Williams
Peter Wilson (B59)
Peter Wright (C53)
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