The most ‘important and greatest puzzle’ we face as humans is ourselves (Boring, 1950). 

Downside Fifth Form pupils who are interested in a career in psychology have been taking a free Open University course as part of their Pre-A level programme. The course gives pupils an excellent introduction to psychology in the 21st Century. Its aim is to describe the broad nature and diversity within the discipline, to identify different ways psychologists explain the same behaviour and to explore the methodology used and ethical issues raised within research. 

Pupils are often surprised at the scientific nature of psychology so this course gives them a chance to recognise the importance of conducting objective research whilst also appreciating the limitations of this when studying human participants. Pupils will complete the course interdependently with a supporting document, and receive a certificate on completion. 

The Downside Pre-A level programme started on 18th May and is helping our Fifth Form pupils prepare for their Sixth Form studies. Click here to find out more about our Sixth Form.