‘Reader, I married him!’; ‘There was me, that is Alex and my three droogs.’ ‘I think a lot, but I don’t say much.’ … The theme for this year’s World Book Day was My Story encompassing fiction in the first person, autobiography, travel writing and journals. At-School activities included a Viking Feast and a Treasure Hunt.

For the Viking Feast in the Refectory storyteller Katy Cawkwell (who entered to a fanfare provided by three Viking warriors) told the gripping Tale of Fafnir, a story that has inspired, amongst others, JRR Tolkien and Wagner. After a bravura display, Katy was no less compelling in the intimate setting of Isabella and Powell Houses where First Form and Second Form pupils curled up on sofas for extra night-time stories.

Meanwhile, for the Treasure Hunt, 30 Downside teachers chose book titles ranging from Divergent to The Road to Wigan Pier to wear on their lanyards. Pupil treasure hunters tracked down the teachers to discover the titles. Some worked in teams, others worked alone.  The winners were three boys from Powell House who each won an Easter egg. 

Members of the Illustration Club and artists from the Third Form worked with current Artist-in-Residence Holly Warburton to devise with posters and book covers using quotations from famous books on this year’s theme. Yet another fantastic celebration of world literature for World Book Day at Downside School.