At Downside, we ensure that our weekend programme offers a wide variety of activity options to get pre-teens and teens off their digital devices, engaged with each other and their environment, and try new things.

Since the pandemic, the School has continued to work hard to ensure that the new, ‘bubbled’ Covid-safe weekend programme remains exciting and varied. There are plenty of active options on offer, from tennis, cricket and athletics to badminton, kayaking and swimming. Other activities include archery, music, inflatables, outdoor cinema, laser tag and Sunday virtual prayer time. In addition, the Art and Music departments are open on Sunday afternoons for all pupils, irrespective of their timetabled lessons, to get creative and inventive.

Our boarding families, particularly those from overseas, often comment on how happy they and their children are that the School community stays together as much as possible over weekends. That includes day pupils, who come in for Saturday school and sports, and UK boarders who enjoy remaining at Downside for the weekend with their boarding friends from overseas, rather than going home.

Our aim for future weekends is to continue to offer as many activities as possible whilst keeping the safety and well being of our pupils and staff a top priority.