Warhammer Time!

Last Sunday saw the first all-out Warhammer battle for the War Gaming Society: an epic day of strategy, craft and carnage.

This half of the term students, ranging from the First Form to the Upper Sixth, have been busy creating and honing their armies, in preparation for the battle.

Warhammer is a tabletop miniature strategy war game, set in a dystopian fantasy future. The players design, build and paint their own pieces. It takes a tremendous amount of patience, skill and determination, and provides a recognised craft for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Huge amounts of strategy, careful planning, consideration, and a cool head are then necessary to achieve a win in battle, which is played over many hours of nail-biting conflict.

The society is thriving, having doubled in size since the start of the academic year, and it’s members are extremely enthusiastic and dedicated. The society encapsulates the very best of Downside, with members supporting and advising each other to achieve their best and expand their skill sets. Debates are commonplace, and a sense of humour is very much encouraged.

As our resident firearms expert, Frederick Morris will advise, ‘definitely put a scope on the pistol, it makes it shootier’.