Upper Sixth Retreat

On the 16th and 17th October the Upper Sixth Form had their annual retreat days at the Ammerdown Centre in Somerset.

The retreat was led by the inspirational Dominican priest, Fr. Nicolas Crowe. Fr. Nicolas challenged the students to discover what they treasure in their lives and asked them to think about what would help or hinder their pursuit of this. He also approached the theme that ‘life means fullness of love’, that in the Christian faith we have the Love of God and love of others. He reminded them that they still can break ‘bad habits’ that they may have developed in their teenage years.

The day included small group time, a lovely lunch, an ‘Emmaus walk’ where they were invited to talk to one of their peers about their life story, a Question and Answer session, and Mass in the Ammerdown chapel.

Thanks go to Fr. Nicolas Crowe, the Ammerdown staff, Downside staff that volunteered for each day and, lastly, the pupils themselves for opening up to some life’s difficult questions.