During the summer, Piers Reeve-Tucker and his family came to Somerset for a tour around the School and Abbey as part of their trip to the UK from Zambia to celebrate Grandma’s 90th birthday.

It is always a delight to show OGs round the School and to hear their stories, but it is especially enjoyable to see the excitement on the children’s faces when they find family members, going back three generations in the House Photograph Albums stored in the Development Office and throughout the corridors.

Reeve-Tucker is a well known name at Downside with a line going back to Thomas Stanley Wyborn who was in Roberts from January 1934 to December 1938. Thomas married Maureen Reeve-Tucker, who was celebrating her 90th Birthday and their children followed in his footsteps and came to Downside; William (R66), Michael (R68), Charles (R68), Stephen (R69), David (R79) and Hugh (R82). See if you can identify them from the photograph taken at the party.

The third generation is Dominic (B97), Piers (R93), children of Michael and the most recent leaver and only female from the Reeve-Tucker line who has attended Downside so far, Scarlet (C17), daughter of Stephen. We certainly hope they won’t be the last.