In the last week of term we held our annual Three Days in June activity programme at Downside School.

The programme was extremely varied, from sport to art, quilt making to computer science, photography to ecology, and offered an opportunity for some pupils to try something new for the first time. For others it was a chance to explore an activity that they are already doing at School, such as sailing or rock music. Details on a few of the activities are below. 

Pin-hole cameras
Some pupils made pinhole cameras and spent time around campus taking a variety of ingenious and creative pictures. The results were shared via projector in the Hall of Arches.

Library Banners
Others designed and sewed beautiful banners for the Petre Library celebrating literature from around the world, and the joy of reading. 

Music Videos
Nine of Downside’s finest rock musicians produced three music videos for their activity. They travelled to Mooncalf near Marlborough to experience working in a professional recording studio. The resulting videos were shown in the School theatre after a live performance from the bands in the theatre quad to enthusiastic applause. You can see the results for yourself by clicking on the videos below.

Another group of pupils participated in an Ecological Conversion in Action project, inspired by the message of Laudato Si encyclical concerning the care of our common home. Eight pupils from the Fourth and Lower Sixth Forms have drawn up a list of ideas to develop at School to contribute to battling the climate crisis. Among the many topics deliberated, plastic was high on the agenda. Pupils discussed how they plan to work with the School’s Chaplaincy in a project with teams in the Kiribati Islands in Micronesia to fight their plastic waste issues. The group finished their three days with a wonderful celebration on care for creation with Fr Dominic, who spoke about the importance of remaining joyous and being able to dance in the middle of disaster!