After weeks of rain the sun finally came out to shine on the much-anticipated Titan’s Cup Final held on Isabella Lawn yesterday.

The Titans Cup is a football championship organised by Powell House. Its objectives are to develop friendship and a sense of community among House members. Teams are headed up by the prefects from each of the Houses involved, and each match starts with a prayer, which gives a sense of friendship and presence of God to enrich the sense of community.

The match was electrifying! Matthew Kaputska’s team from Roberts beat Tom Strauss’ boys 1-0. Strauss’ team tried to make a valiant comeback but couldn’t get through the brilliant defence from their opponents. It was the kind of final that all were expecting to honour this now standing tradition organised by Powell House.

God help us today
to honour you and all we do and say
in this arena of sports.
May our love of you
take first place in our hearts today
whether we win, lose or drew.
Lord, your Word says to do whatever we do
with all our hearts as if to you.
Let us play today in that light
as servants of Christ.