Monday 29th April 2019

Last week, Dr Stephen Rye visited the School with Mark Price (U81) and his family. During the tour, he revealed how he used to be a doctor at Downside School, based in the Old Surgery.

Looking back at an old photograph of the surgery, you can see it is vastly different from the Old Surgery as it is today.

Entering the room today, you are greeted by comfortable sofas, a round meeting table and soft furnishings. A space that is used for socialising and welcoming guests. Compare this to its previous incarnation as a practical surgery, cabinets and jars filled with essential medical items, a dentist’s chair and curtain pole for an examination bay.

Exploring the archives also uncovered an image of a carriage outside the Old House, which belonged to Evelyn Waugh’s grandfather, who was also a doctor in the School in the late 1880s/90s.

The medical needs of pupils are now catered for in the Health Centre, situated off the Science corridor, which is staffed by a team of fully qualified nurses who deal with all aspects of primary care. 

Do you remember the Old Surgery as it is today, or as a working surgery?