Next in our Downside Inventors of Tomorrow series, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, Fifth Former Seb has designed and built his own electric guitar as part of his GCSE DT course.

Traditionally, many guitarists use effects (‘pedals’) to change the sound of their guitar in the form of small boxes that are plugged in between the instrument and the amplifier. These can take time and effort to set up – not to mention a lot of space – and so occasionally guitarists use built-in effects instead. The main disadvantage of this is that the user has no control over the effects installed into the guitar. Using the CAD and 3D printing facilities available at Downside School’s Design Department, Seb was able to spend time carefully planning and perfecting these effects so that they were integral to the instrument. Seb’s design is different, and the resulting guitar has a unique feel to it and a great sound to boot.

Click here to read about Seb’s project in his own words.

Click on the video below to see and hear Seb’s guitar in action.