We are delighted to announce the publication of the second edition of Tessera, our academic journal of essays written by pupils.

The intention of Tessera is always to highlight an eclectic range of interests, to encourage pupils to pursue the things they care about, to explore them in depth and to see where the journey leads. Submission to Tessera is an opportunity for pupils to define the terms of an enquiry, to pursue a topic with untempered passion and to share it with their peers.

Topics include ‘Is Dementia a Uniquely Human Disorder?’, ‘Causes of the Rwandan Genocide’ and ‘Does a Minimum Wage Improve Living Standards?’

In the face of the challenges of the past year we know that the strength and faith of our community remains a compelling force for good. These pages of Tessera II are a demonstration of our Benedictine ethos, not in a constructed and mannered way, but because it is what guides us and is layered throughout everything we do, especially teaching pedagogy and student endeavour.

Click here to read one of the Tessera essays, written by Head Boy, Nick Hobbs entitled ‘Is Dementia a Uniquely Human Disorder?’

Click here if you would like to request a printed copy of the Tessera.
(NB all current parents will receive their copy shortly)