On Friday 13th March Downside School held its inaugural TEDx talk ‘We are Tomorrow’. The event, which focussed on the future of food, economics and technology, was ably organised and hosted by Head Girl Georgia and Head Boy Mateusz who have set up the series of talks as a legacy to Downside.

Speakers for the event were straight-talking thought leader Jamal Benmiloud, Acting Director of Education, Outreach, and Programmes at the Institute of Economic Affairs Ralph Buckle, and entrepreneur David Crellin from education technology company (and Downside’s business partner) ScienceScope.

Jamal Benmiloud started the TEDx with a session on ‘The Future of Food’ and how we need to change the way we view, produce and consume food. Jamal devoted some of his talk to Huel, a convenient and nutritionally complete meal replacement drink providing the right amount of protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, fibre, plus 26 vitamins & minerals, as well as containing no animal products, producing zero food waste and has minimal impact on the environment.

Ralph Buckle spoke about the future of the economy, and presented data showing that the past 200 years have been an overwhelmingly positive period for human flourishing.

Finally, David Crellin talked about the importance of data collection via the Internet of Things (IoT) to help young people understand the power of data and how it will affect their lives for the better.

‘We are Tomorrow’ was a thought-provoking conference – reflecting the very aim of TEDx talks – that of research, discovery and getting communities to talk and work together for a better future.