The Downside St Teresa Community has recently launched a podcast on Spotify to give our pupils a unique platform to share the personal characteristics of their Catholic faith and support the School community.

The St Teresa Community is a dedicated community comprising Downside pupils and staff. It’s focus is to bring awareness of a Christ-centred service within the School community. This is either by advertising and promoting a culture of service or by spearheading fundraisers for charities. The Community gathers once a week where Lectio Divina takes place, projects and service in the School are discussed and put into action.

The Community’s highlights throughout the academic year include a ‘Month of Service’, which raises the awareness of service in the School, charity movie nights and a Winter Sleep out onsite for local charity Help For Homeless. 

The podcast was originally set up to lift spirits during lockdown and to support the Downside community to find hope and joy in everyday life, and is proving very popular within the School community, as well as with the wider community.

Episode 1: Hope
Head Girl Katharina and fellow Sixth Former Alex discuss the Gospel Value of Hope. As young Catholics in this ever-changing society how can we offer a voice of strategy on how we look to see hope every day.

Episode 2: Joy
Sophie and Celestine share their experiences with Christian joy and discuss the positive changes this opportunity has given to their young faith.

Episode 3: It’s Tough to be Brave
Stephanie and Madeleine share their own personal experiences with the challenges that having courage in faith gives them, especially during these uncertain times. They reflect on the importance of community, and how we are finding great strength in still being able to meet online together.

Episode 4: What it Means to Serve
Lily offers her perspective on service, and reflects on her experiences within the community and how they may have helped her on her mission to serve. Judetta gives us some insight into the history of St Teresa, after whom the community is named. The conversation progresses to discuss ‘Service Motivators’, where motivation and inspiration is found close to home. 

Click here to listen to the St Teresa Community podcast.

The St Teresa Community is one of five communities at Downside that support the School in different ways. The other four are St Luke, St John, St Francis and Oscar Romero.