Congratulations to Edward Fitzgerald (B70)

Edward Fitzgerald was awarded the Old Gregorian Medal at Prize Day recently.  

The President of St Gregory’s Society, Rupert Orchard (R74), presented the Old Gregorian Medal to Edward Fitzgerald QC in an emotional tribute that gained a standing ovation from the audience.  Edward reminded Downside pupils to ‘never, ever, give up’.

Clearly the star of his year and a great participant of the Abingdon when at Downside and even then something of a legend. He was Silk of the year in 2013 and has since made a name for himself as the leading QC to defend human rights. This includes the right to a fair trial and the abolition of the death penalty. He has defended the indefensible, Myra Hindley, John Venables and Abu Quatada and although not pleading for their innocence, making sure that they are treated fairly in a modern democracy.

Edward was nominated by fellow OG Mark Steed (C71) and seconded by Anton Simon (B70) and Chris Golden (C70) who have both sadly passed away since.

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