The Old Gregorian Golfing Society met for their virtual Annual General Meeting on Thursday 8th October.

It was a meeting full of cheer and smiles where the OGGS Members were able to come together in a virtual environment. Society Members in attendance included, Julius Stephens (S64), Michael Liddell (B84), Christopher Grievson (Ra62), Neil Cook (C66), Mark Brunel-Cohen (U67) and Gilbert Davis (S52).

The meeting included the appointment of Christopher as the new President, succeeding Julius for the OGGS for the next three years. It was noted that this would be the first President of the OGGS since 1984 that was not a member of Smythe House. This caused a great deal of friendly rivalry amongst the Members. The meeting also included the re-election of Michael and Neil to their respective posts of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer for the next year.

Richard Jones, Director of Sport, also attended and provided exciting news, which was well received by the OGGS. From Monday 12th October pupils expressing an interest in golf have been invited to join a Golf Development & Leadership Programme. This new initiative will see enthusiastic pupils play at Farrington Golf Club each week. More experienced pupils can also subsume mentorship responsibilities, acting as role models for younger, less experienced players. The Programme encourages more pupils to become involved in golfing activities, with the hope of building a long-standing love of the sport and possibly, a future member of the Old Gregorian Golfing Society.

It has also been confirmed that the OGGS will return to Farrington Golf Club for a match against the School on Tuesday 20th October. We wish both teams luck, and look forward to hearing the final results.