Old Gregorian becomes Abbot President of the EBC

At the recent General Chapter of the English Benedictine Congregation at Worth Abbey, Abbot Christopher Jamison (R69) was elected as the Abbot President.

He succeeds Abbot Richard Yeo, also an Old Gregorian who left Ullathorne in 1966, and will be tasked with strengthening the religious life of the abbeys in England and the United States and the missions in Peru and Zimbabwe. A monk with a strong media profile and a track record in boosting vocations he is well qualified to take on the challenges facing monastic communities in the modern age.

“Benedictine monks and nuns have been part of English culture for over a thousand years”, said Abbot Christopher. “My brothers and sisters have elected me to lead the Congregation in these times of great challenge and great opportunity.  It is an honour and I look forward to helping our monasteries of monks and nuns in fulfilling their role as schools of the Lord’s service.”

Photo credit: Copyright by World Economic Forum/Photo Michael Wuertenberg