Off to a flying start

Eight excited students travelled to Yeovilton today for a RNAS Flying Experience.

Despite poor weather hampering any possibility of a flight, the group experience a fascinating tour of the historic hangar and the Air Traffic Control tower. In the hangar they explored a range of fixed wing aircraft – from the 1936 Fairey Swordfish to the Sea Harrier of the Falklands. Despite the Swordfish being outdated in 1939, it was a Swordfish squadron which took out the Bismarck (the pride of the German Navy) in 1941. In the tower, pupils saw teams working in the radar room, met, ground control and air traffic.

Although they were unable to get off the ground students learnt a great deal about the history of the Fleet Air Arm and how it runs today. All personnel were extremely friendly and offered answers to our many questions along with plenty of advice about the Royal Naval admissions process.