New members of the St Scholastica Community

We are delighted to have welcomed four new members of the St Scholastica Community to Downside during the Half Term break. 

The four men, Cristobal Valdes, Rodrigo Vidal, Nicolas Meneghello and Vicente Tagle are all members of the Chilean Manquehue Apostolic Movement, and are now resident on site, working with both staff and pupils. Situated in the heart of the school, the group will continue to lead Lectio Divina sessions, organise and lead retreats with Paul Andrewartha and Frs James and Boniface, and will be available to support the pupils chaplaincy needs day-to-day.

Whilst we’re excited to welcome our new friends, we’re also sorry to have said farewell to the Manquehue team who have worked so very hard at Downside during the past three years. We will all keep in contact with Consuela, Chelo, Javiera and the team moving forward and wish them all the very best in their work in Chile. 

To learn more about the work of the Manquehue Community – or St Scholastica Community, as they’re known at Downside – click here