Eight Downside School pupils attended the Oxford Global MUN conference 2019 last weekend.

With over 750 delegates, Oxford Global MUN is the largest conference of its type in the United Kingdom, attracting delegates from all over the world. Over 150 pupils travelled from India alone, and there were also delegates from Brunei, Uzbekistan, Israel and over 13 other countries, making it a truly international event.

The opening ceremony took place in the Oxford Union debating chamber. It was followed by 16 hours of debate over the course of three days. Some of the topics discussed by our pupils were the regulation of cryptocurrencies, combatting cyberterrorism, the future of OPEC, and human rights in the Americas. Pupils also took part in a walking tour of Oxford, and enjoyed lunch at Exeter College on Saturday afternoon.

Building on Fifth Former Joseph’s success last year, when he was awarded Outstanding Delegate in the UNOOSA committee, Joseph Rowell (L6) and Michael Kealey (L6) received Honourable Mentions for their contributions as delegates of Angola in the OPEC committee. Fifth Former Barney and Fourth Former Juan Pablo were awarded Outstanding Delegates in the DISEC and OAS committees, respectively. These are incredible achievements especially considering the competitiveness and size of the committees (DISEC had over 100 delegates), and the fact that it was Joseph’s and Barney’s first MUN conference.

Many congratulations to all the delegates who took part for engaging so positively and making valuable contributions to your committees. We look forwards to our next MUN conference in Bristol Grammar School during the Lent Term.