As part of our on-going initiative highlighting the importance of learning a foreign language from a young age, we were joined last Thursday by Year 5 pupils from Farleigh School, Andover, and Sandroyd Prep, Dorset, for a Downside Languages Day.

Downside is part of a European literature initiative, and so this event was timed to coincide with World Book Day, and combined a celebration of international children’s literature along with that of language learning.

Pupils from the two visiting schools joined forces in teams, mentored by Downside Sixth Form linguists, to compete in a number of activities including a Euro Quiz, a Translation Task, and Book Cover Design using a variety of different languages.

The pupils were tested on their knowledge of foreign heads of state, flags, languages, national anthems, celebrities, gastronomy, landmarks and capital cities and showed excellent linguistic flair and resilience throughout the day.

After the final rounds of the Euro Quiz in the afternoon, the day concluded with presentations to all the pupils, and a spot of well-deserved afternoon tea.