At Downside School we welcome and support a wide range of musical genres from choral to classical; jazz to rock.

The study of music as part of the curriculum is complemented by the musical offerings from the wider curriculum. Indeed, just this week, our newly-formed jazz combo went on the road for the first time to perform at ‘Jazz in the Foyer’ at Cedars Hall, Wells. The band played its own set first and then joined the house band for an informal jam session. They received both a warm reception and an invitation to return.

Also, last Saturday, First, Second and Third Formers were treated to a demonstration of low brass instruments from our specialist teacher, Mr Richard Stubbings. Mr Stubbings used a garden hose and a kitchen funnel to explain the basic principles of how brass instruments work, before the children had the opportunity to try playing one of the instruments kindly loaned for the occasion by John Packer Ltd of Wellington, Somerset.