Entrepreneurial spirit is something we embrace wholeheartedly at Downside. We support and encourage our pupils to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of creativity in whatever area they choose.

One such pupil is Lower Sixth Former Teddy Isola. Before lockdown, Teddy was designing and building a self-propelled motorised snowboard for his A level Design and Technology course. The board uses a custom-built mohair belt and a wireless hand controller, the latter allowing the user to control the speed at which the belt turns, therefore controlling the speed and direction of the board with ease.  Teddy believes that his design could be a game-changer for novice snowboarders.

Teddy comes from a family with a history of entrepreneurial acumen. He follows in the footsteps of his uncle, Gilo Cardozo, Founder and Executive Chairman of Gilo Industries in Dorset. Gilo was also a pupil at Downside, was taught Design and Technology by exactly the same dedicated staff as Teddy, and went on to invent and build the Parajet aero engine which powered the famous flying car and took Bear Grylls over the top of Everest. 

Click here to read about the project in Teddy’s own words.

Last year, Teddy designed and built a Bluetooth-activated motorised longboard for his GCSE Design and Technology course – perfect for getting around school grounds or a university campus. Click here to read more about the longboard project.