The final of the Inter-House Debating competition took place last Friday between Roberts, Isabella and Smythe, who had accumulated a total of 89 points each from the competition.

The theme was a second Brexit referendum with the Houses arguing the following points:

  1. To leave the EU with no deal.
  2. To remain.
  3. To leave the EU with Teresa May’s deal.

One and a half hours before the debate, the topics were drawn from a hat. Isabella drew no-deal, Smythe drew remain, and Teresa May’s deal went to Roberts.

Isabella gave a sound argument which tackled ideas such as sovereignty, ‘the will of the people’ and Britain’s future prospects outside the EU. Smythe suggested that imports of commodities from the EU, most notably their much-loved Belgian chocolates, would be at greater expense to Britain and that the EU allowed Britain to amplify its voice on a global stage. Roberts dealt with the hard facts and number crunching, to establish a solid foundation, before they excellently rebutted the points of the other Houses and gave a formidable final speech which was very well received.

The three judges, one from each House, quickly came to the unanimous decision that Roberts House was the final winner, with Smythe and Isabella taking the position of joint runners-up.

The debate brought a fitting and memorable close to what has been an excellent term for debating at Downside.