Hot Science news – our Interactive Periodic Table!

Over the Michaelmas half term, a team of installers from RGB Research Limited built an interactive periodic table in the science corridor. And it’s quite something to behold!

Funded by many generous donations to our Annual Fund, the display is already proving very popular among students, parents and staff.

The table measures 2.3 metres wide x 1.7 metres high and houses a vast array of objects in individual compartments with both element samples and a selection of artefacts. The interactive touch screen shows videos of the elements and intriguing information. 

In the past, teaching the periodic table involved spending a long time looking at a poster of the table on a classroom wall. Not so now – this highly engaging display offers a fantastic opportunity to get the students out of the classroom and talking about science.

Students have been amazed at the many different videos with demonstrations that the display contains, with all kinds of positive reactions from ‘Oh, that’s neat’ to ‘Wow! That’s really cool’. Along with the refurbishment of the chemistry laboratories, this display has really helped to spark discussions about all of the sciences, which can only be a good thing.

At last Saturday’s Open Day parents were also impressed by the aesthetic design and number of objects in each compartment and commented that “it is amazing how much science does touch our lives”.

If you haven’t been to see the table yet, do make it a must-see this week – you will not be disappointed!

Finally, our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who donated funds to make this fascinating learning tool possible for the School.
Read more about our Annual Fund here.