Hong Kong Dinner

The annual Hong Kong gathering took place on Saturday 29th October at the Hong Kong Football Club. Thanks to Peter Murphy (B86) for his hard work in organising the dinner which was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Those attending were:

Wenjie Zhou (S11)
Gary Yeung (B04)
Arthur Cheng (C06)
Kenneth Lam (S87)
Anthony Lam (S86)
Marcus Mak (S04)
Zico Wong (C04)
Lawrence Law (B06)
Peter Murphy (B86)
Justin and Lucy McLennan (C87)
Guy and Yvonne Fulton (C88)
Terence Sham (S04)
Sunny Lau (S08)
Stephen Chan(C05)
Matthew Wong (R02)
Mark Chan (U89)
Nicholas Wong (B07)
Joseph Theriez (S11)
Vincent Yeung (B09)
Karis Lee
Mark Grinsell
David Bryson
Anastasia Hatvany
Gordon Pearce