Hong Kong Dinner 2020

This year’s Hong Kong Dinner was another successful Old Gregorian Reunion, kindly hosted by Peter Murphy (B86). 

Despite COVID times, OGs in Hong Kong were able to gather for their 2020 dinner on Friday, 20th November. Restrictions are slightly different in Hong Kong than they are in England at the moment, however OGs were suitably socially distanced, at the Hong Kong Football Club last Friday. Attendees, young and old, were as follows: Justin McLennan (C87), Kenneth Lam (S87), Anthony Lam (S86), Michael Hammond U77), Guy Fulton (C88), Vincent Li (S17), Johnny Birkettt (S17), Siu Ming Hui (B18), Tim Evans (C01), Paul Knox (U77), Edmund Wan (Ra90) and Arthur Chen(C06).  Peter explained that ‘an enjoyable evening was had by all’. 

If any OG wishes to be added to the Hong Kong list, please contact Peter Murphy at peter.murphy@hfw.com.