In September, Fourth Form pupils had a day off timetable for their annual retreat. 

The day began with Mass in the Old Chapel, after which each group dispersed to their retreat destinations: Smythe to Witham Friary Parish Hall, Caverel to Stourhead, Isabella to Lytes Cary Manor, Barlow to Lymatt Parish Hall, and Roberts to St Aldhelm’s Well in Doulting.

Each House was accompanied by a member of their House staff and the Chaplaincy Team. During their retreats pupils looked at scripture, learnt more their House patrons, and grew together in community. 

‘I really enjoyed our retreat as it helped strengthen our relationships with one another and build community while working together as a team. We took part in several activities that resulted in us learning new things about each other.

Fourth Form retreatOne of my favourite activities was where we had a roughly cut-out wooden cross, that we had to sand down until really smooth. We spent over half an hour doing this and, even though we didn’t speak much, it was very peaceful to do it together and look at the beautiful views at Stourhead.

The impact that this had on me was that I realised something as simple as going somewhere so lovely with my friends has made me even closer to them. I have built relationships with them that will last a lifetime. This retreat also made me realise that many people think of life as something that you just need to get through. In fact, it is so much more than that. With the support of the people around you and most importantly, God and prayer, you can get through anything and come out the other side finding that you have actually enjoyed yourself.’ – Fourth Form Girl