Downside has been delighted to receive an extremely generous donation from the late Dr Peter Edwards (C50) of his life’s work collecting butterflies and moths from around the world.

The vast and stunning collection of lepidoptera has been meticulously displayed, and will serve as a learning resource to use in the classroom. A Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, Dr Edwards’ passion for butterflies and moths started during his time at Downside and continued throughout his life.

The Science Department has been very excited by the arrival of the collection:

“The variety is astonishing. What a wonderful resource for introducing pupils to the diversity of the natural world. I cannot wait to use them in the classroom”. – Mrs Alcántara, Teacher of Biology

“Dr Edwards’ cabinets are a treasure trove; the British butterflies and moths are my favourite. We usually only catch fleeting looks when out in the field which can make identification tricky but having specimens to study will grow our knowledge of natural history.” – Mrs Ryder, Senior Science Technician

The collection is currently being catalogued to make requesting particular trays easier.