Edward Fitzgerald QC, Barlow 1970

We are very grateful to Edward for giving up his time to talk to members of the Sixth Form.

Edward specialises in defending the indefensible, believing everyone has the basic human right to a fair trial. This has made him a controversial character and a very famous Barrister. High profile clients have included Silvio Berlusconi, Abu Qatada, Myra Hindley as well as the Gurkas in their fight for residence and the families of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Edward gave a very interesting lecture on his own career and how his own passionate belief in the fundamental human right to a fair trial that everyone should be entitled to. He then went on to discuss the abolition of the death penalty worldwide and why it is important. Pupils asked lots of questions and the lively debate continued into supper with Father Leo and a group of pupils considering a legal career. Edward spent the night in the monastery guest wing attending Lauds and Mass followed by  a quick tour of the school and a trip to the shop before he headed back to London and his day job!