Downside pupils at Buckingham Palace

Still buzzing with Royal Wedding excitement, we were thrilled for a large number of senior Downside pupils (and recent leavers) who were invited to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace this week.

The pupils were awarded their Duke of Edinburgh Gold awards at the event, the award requires dedicated service and physical activity over a period of a year. During recent years, the pupils undertook 12 months of volunteering, a physical and skills section (one for 12 months, another for 6 months), as well as a 4-day expedition and 5-day residential. To learn more, click here. 

Current and past pupils who attended the event include: Artur Avdalyan, James Byrne, Humphrey Francis-Jones, Sam Higgs, Felix Hobbs, Alex Lowe, Ed McCabe, Charlotte Philips, Madeleine Prior, Archie O’Devlin, Caoimhe O’Mahoney, Natasha Sodeen.