Last Saturday the School held its annual Careers Fair. There were a number of talks and seminars for students to attend, along with the chance for pupils to meet with a varied range of Higher Education and Gap Year providers, as well as representatives from different professions. 

We were very grateful to all our exhibitors and contributors, and it was clear that they, in turn, enjoyed interacting with the Downside students, who engaged confidently in conversation with them, asking intelligent and thoughtful questions.  Although careers events such as these are not necessarily intended to spark ‘eureka’ moments, it was particularly pleasing to see that some students were inspired by some of the opportunities of which they were not aware.

The programme of talks included ‘Applying for and studying Medicine’ (Dr Vanessa Wilkins, General Practitioner), ‘Studying in the USA – why and how’ (Simon Lewis, UES Education), ‘Working in the legal profession’ (Hugh Preston, barrister) and ‘Law and Politics’ (Pablo Pendas, lawyer for the Spanish Parliament). Click here for the full programme.

This year’s Fair was timed to coincide with the Lower Sixth beginning the process of planning for life beyond school. A representative from the University of Northumbria visited the School earlier in the week to talk to the Lower Sixth about making the most of a UCAS Exhibition, and then, on Monday 11th March, the whole year group attended the UCAS Exhibition at UWE, Bristol.