From Beth Mitton, Sixth Former

Last week it was a privilege to be given the opportunity to listen to award winning GP, young people’s mental health expert, TEDx speaker, author and educator Dr Dominique Thompson talk about mental health, well-being, and life at university.

Dr Thompson’s lecture, the ‘Degrees of Sanity’ covered aspects from perfectionism and competitiveness to the other pressures of being young today. Influenced by the mental health of students she has been exposed to through her work as a GP, she addressed the current challenges that we can expect to face and are facing as part of 21st century life.

She was completely honest: life can be hard and will be sometimes, but she showed how we can respond to our emotions in a safe way. The lecture reminded all of us that there are always people available to help. I honestly believe that this talk has prepared me, and everyone else present, for the changes in life to come.  

Sixth Form Somerset

Beth joined Downside in the Fifth Form (Year 11) from Wells Cathedral School, and has two younger brothers at Downside. She is an academic, music and choral scholar and is studying Biology, Music and English at A level.

Beth is an active member in a range of activities and clubs at the School including the CCF, the Knowles Society and the Pupil Council. She is also currently starring in the upcoming School performance of Little Shop of Horrors.